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This vector is a verse of Allama Muhammad Iqbal poetry. I have converted designed it. you can use it where ever you want. The verse is as below.
مری صراحی سے قطرہ قطرہ نئے حوادث ٹپک رہے ہیں
میں اپنی تسبیح روز وشب کا شمار کرتا ہوں دانہ دانہ
In this vector some techniques are used, like at some point the outline has been converted to object, and an outline has been applied to it. And it looks great. This design is so simple, neat and clean. The large Tasbeeh is looking beautiful in the center. The idea was taken from a random google image.

Vector Files

The zip contains both .cdr and .ai files. you can use any version of Corel Draw or Illustrator to open the design. Love and peace!

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