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urdu keyboard

Urdu Paksign Keyboard is the best Urdu keyboard used for Urdu typing any where, on Windows.

Best available Urdu keyboard for free. You will be able to type every Urdu letter. This keyboard has the ability to type any kind of character other than usual letters and numbers. This keyboard is a good alternative of Inpage Urdu phonetic keyboard. This can be used for blog post writing, Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel, or any other software. Even Inpage 3 needs this software to type. So you are likely to be in need if this software. so, It’s a must have software in Windows.

M Bilal M has coded this software. Urdu Paksign Keyboard can type script of the holy Quran other than text, diacritics and more. The software contains an image document, which tells about the usage of the keyboard. You will love it if you need to type Urdu document any time. It’s free. It’s reliable. Further more You can type Arabic with this software. The software maker included the ability to type Arabic in it. So, it cannot just type Urdu, but Arabic and Quran verses too. It is capable to do even more. So, give it a try!

Urdu phonetic Keyboard Layout in Detail PDF Download

Urdu Paksign Keyboard Layout only for Windows 7, 8, 10 Free Download

Download Pak Urdu Installer, (this software also contains some fonts)

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